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Working with us ensures a safe and exceedingly satisfactory experience.

There are many moving parts of any construction project. Simple miscalculations or setbacks in the schedule can affect your overall profitability. LYB provides competitive bids and safe, on-time delivery, all of which add up to a successful and profitable project for you.

We are frequently hired by contractors to meet ODOT, Port of Portland, and Tri-Met DBE, MBE, and ESB requirements. We embrace these opportunities and feel that we posses the competency skills required to successfully collaborate with primary contractors on culturally diverse projects.

Asphalt Supply Services

LYB markets and sells performance grade liquid asphalt. We procure asphalt from the manufacturer for your specific project and coordinate with your project manager to ensure a safe and smooth delivery to the plant.

Dump Trucks

LYB Asphalt Supply & Trucking Company provides dump truck services. We haul fill dirt, sand, gravel, and other material to and from job sites. We also haul off dirt, debris, rubble, concrete, and other construction site material to designated dump sites.

Our Trucks

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